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Dec 18 2007

Growing Up, Looking Back

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This is the first post in the collaboration with Mrs. Veglahn’s 7th grade class…..but anyone is welcome to post!

So, some of us are teachers, some of us are 6th graders, and some of us are 7th graders. Let’s share what’s great about where we are in life and why it’s better than where we were last year!

For you 6th graders, why is middle school better than elementary school? Or is it worse?

7th graders – why is 7th grade better than 6th grade? Or would you rather be in 8th grade already?

Teachers – are you doing anything cool this year that you weren’t last year? Anything you miss about last year?

Remember, give details!

Make sure you share whether you’re currently a 6th grader, 7th grader, etc. Or maybe you’re a visitor! If so, share where you are in life :-)

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