Current Event Search (Beta!)

6th Graders –

This assignment will: 1) provide keyboarding practice; 2) teach internet navigation skills; 3) review internet search skills; 4) review cut and paste; and 5) provide reading and reflection practice on current events.

Follow these instructions to complete the activity:

1) Click on the link (below) to read the current event article (in a new tab or window!)

2) Come back and reflect

3) Search from the article’s page to find another article somehow related to the original (same topic, same author, etc) The new article can be from anywhere on the internet

4) Come back and paste the link into your comment and give a short description of the new article and how it relates to the original

You can not have the same article as anyone sitting next to you – dig deeper! See Mrs. Olson’s example comment for guidance when completing the activity.

Current Event Article: Millions Bring in the New Year

2 thoughts on “Current Event Search (Beta!)

  1. EXAMPLE response from Mrs. Olson:

    Wow, it sounds like people all over the world were doing more celebrating that I did. We just played SceneIt 2 and I was in bed before midnight! Madrid’s tradition of eating 12 grapes for the chimes at midnight is kind of interesting, although I don’t know anyone who does that here. It was scary to read about the bombs and other dangers at several of the celebrations. I’m glad that I was safe and sound at home.

    New article:

    This article describes how the ball dropped in NYC is now more environmentally friendly and uses much less energy. Now the ball only uses about as much electricity as 10 toasters. This article is related to the first one because they are both about New Year’s Eve celebrations.

  2. Wow, when I was in school typing was taught in high school. I bet kids are more motivated to learn it now, too, since they want to use computers.

    I ran across your Twitter page, which is how I found this link. Thanks also for the link to eduwiki, I’ll want to check that out some time, too.

    Good luck with the 4th graders!

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