Mrs. Olson is Catching Up!

All the 6th graders seemed to be ahead of me with technology!  I hadn’t used instant messenger since my early college days and hadn’t gotten into text messaging due to the cell service plan I have.  Well, this weekend I started using both IM and texting to collaborate with a teacher in Alabama on a blog project we’re creating for elementary school students.  I’m interested in hearing how you use IM and texting – is it just for social things with friends, or do you use it to keep in touch with family and for work on homework with friends?

Fill me in!

30 thoughts on “Mrs. Olson is Catching Up!

  1. I dont have a one because m mom wont let me. I wish I could because I have friends in different states that I wish I could talk to.

  2. I do Have a im but i dont have a lot of friends acturly i have more
    robots then friends just to now robots are people you can talk play games and they can help you on stuff you can find on the internet

  3. Yes i use IM and texting a lot with friends and all of my family to keep in touch with things in the family and whats on my friends minds.

  4. I have a aim aka aol instant messanger but i am not on a lot because I go on other websites on the internet.
    I dont text I dont have a cell phone but I have used a cell phone doing something with it that you had to use letters and its really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I do not use IM or text messaging because I don’t really go on the computer alot so I don’t go on the internet because it blocks the phone and I don’t have a cell phone.

  6. I don’t use either right now but I might be getting a cell phone? I don’t really go on the cumputer alot though. And my parents think it’s stupid.

  7. I have never used Im or text message. My mom dose not want me to because she says its a waist of time. I belive her and I don’t want one. If I did have one I would use it for talking to my friends, and my parents!!!

  8. I don’t really use IM except when I talk to my uncle in south carolina. Sometimes I use my IM to talk to my friend but normally I call them

  9. I don’t use IM because i don’t have one and my mom will not let me buy it so yeah. I keep telling my mom that I want a IM but she want.

  10. i use instant messanger i talk to my cousins on †he instant messasnger or i email them.

  11. I don’t use Im becasue i don’t have one because i don’t want to waste my time while like i can use my computer for homework so i don’t have a IM.

  12. I would use texting for talking to my family members and friends because I like to talk to my friends. I dont use IM because I dont have IM.

  13. I don’t IM people or text people either; I wish I could but my parents think I’m to young to be able to text or IM people. If I had a cell phone I would text all day, but i don’t have a cell phone!

  14. hi i go on aim (aol instant messanger) to talk to friends and my cousin in winona. i also use texting on my sisterand my friends phone if they let me to tell my mom whats happening. thats what i use aim and texting for. another thing i forgot to say is i also use aim on my friends dads blackberry.

  15. Hi I text on my cell phone to keep in tuch with family and frends. Also maybe some times jock around but not all the time.I also use the internet like (yahoo) to keep in tuch with family overseas like in taja iraq.My family sometimes to text when we are board.I love to text because you can have fun and talk to your friends even when thay are far away.But they have standers I only text back only paople I know.Same with (yahoo) I only wright people back if I know them.

  16. I like texting alot because it’s fun pressing bottens when i have nothing to do. To me texting is like a small computer in my hands typing.I like to text to my sister and brother for fun.

  17. I like texting because its a good way to get in touch with your friends like here’s some tips 1.idk means i dont know 2. lol means laugh out loud

  18. I use text messaging for jokes and stuff that is funny like some kind of crazy poam for instance.Or they will write in code like this .
    Do u w@nt 2 g0 2 th3 m0v1es.
    Like that .

    c u l@t3r.
    Th@t 1s 1 2.

  19. Hello from Australia!!
    I send text messages, post messages on blogs and wikis and my daughter is constantly trying to get me to use the emoticons on MSN! It is summer holidays in Australia at the moment so I am spending a bit of time chatting with teachers all over the world too with tools like Skype and other teacher chat spaces. The internet is a wonderful way of making the world ‘flat’, nowhere is far away any more.
    Happy New Year! :o)

  20. I don’t really use text messenging however I am always on the computer talking through Instant messenger. When talking through IM I usually talk to my friends but my family on occasion. I talk to my friends about my social life not really h/w unless I was sick or missed an assignment.

  21. I love using IM to talking to my friends! It is away to talk to them without waiting 10 minutes for them to reply to an email instead it only takes 2 seconds before you hear a response unless they are typing something long witch not alot of people do. They type stuff like ttly, brb, thx, and WAY more. I LOVE USING IM!!!

  22. I use IM for talking to both friends and family. IM is not like e-mail where you type and wait for how long until they reply; plus you can us a mic. or a webcams or just type. IM ROCKS!!!

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